Activity profile

The Capital Group 4fun Media S.A. is a company operating in the television and digital media market, especially in the segment of themed television channels, and through its subsidiaries, also in the advertising market which includes segments going beyond the traditional television advertising (outdoor advertising, advertising agency). 4fun Media S.A. is the broadcaster of the First Social Music Television in Poland, which comprises three channels, broadcast since June 2015 under the joint umbrella brand 4FUN. The music channels: 4FUN.TV, 4FUN GOLD HITS and 4FUN DANCE form an interactive TV platform which distributes video content via television, mobile phones, IPTV platforms, the Internet and via the dedicated application 4FUN APP, which offers the viewers the opportunity to directly influence program content. As the result of rebranding of the 4fun Media S.A. channels, the music profile of the channel has been refreshed.

The primary channel, 4FUN.TV, presents the most up to date hits, from the tops of world hit lists. The channel is proposing its viewers new hosts and VJs, as well as activities targeted at young viewers, conscious of what is happening in the musical market in the recent months. 4FUN.TV is linked with the second screen application 4FUN APP which has over 300 thousand users. The channel is present at all digital platforms and in the largest cable networks, which guarantees it the largest coverage possible in the cable and satellite market, and means also the possibility of reaching with its TV signal almost 60% of all households in Poland. 4FUN.TV is additionally broadcast via three local terrestrial platforms and is one of the most popular musical and entertainment channels in the Polish market.

The second channel in the 4fun Media S.A. portfolio is 4FUN GOLD HITS. This channel broadcasts the largest OLDIES hits, dedicated for fans of music from the 1980s, 1990s and music created after year 2000, as well as younger greatest hits. The rich archive of music clips, arranged into the right playlists, allows the channel to offer its viewers, also the older ones, an opportunity that is unique in the Polish market - a sentimental journey into their musical past. The channel's technical coverage amounts currently to 55% of households in Poland.

The third channel in the 4fun Media S.A. portfolio is 4FUN DANCE. Its music profile corresponds to the new, distinctive market trend of promoting dance music. The DANCE music time slot is filled with carefully selected clips and special party music playlists, supporting evening dance activities and ensuring good fun. The current technical coverage of 4FUN DANCE is similar to the level of 4FUN GOLD HITS.

An important area of business for the Capital Group 4fun Media S.A. is the provision of distribution and consulting services, offered to broadcasters of themed channels (mostly foreign ones) present in the Polish TV market.

In line with the strategic diversification of its business, the Capital Group 4fun Media S.A. is systematically developing its operations also outside the television market. This applies to the advertising market, going beyond the market of traditional TV commercials, including outdoor advertising segment and activity of the intra-group advertising agency.

The outdoor advertising business is conducted via Screen Network S.A., the subsidiary which is the leader of the Digital Signage market in Poland. Digital Signage is a dynamically developing sub-segment of direct advertising, based on digital screens placed in urban spaces, managed under a single, integrated IT system. These screens offer a more attractive form of visual communication than the traditional outdoor media. Presentation quality does not depend on the weather conditions and allows to broadcast commercials of numerous clients on a single screen, managed online in real time.

The consulting and marketing communication activity of the Capital Group 4fun Media S.A., conducted in the advertising market, is managed by the Bridge2Fun advertising agency. This is the first hybrid agency in the Polish market, combining competences from the area of music television, entertainment and show business, as well as personal competences of its representatives.

Thus, the Capital Group 4fun Media S.A. consisted of the following entities:

  1. 4fun Media S.A., conducting business in the following areas:
    • broadcasting TV channels of musical character: 4FUN.TV, 4FUN HITS and 4FUN DANCE,
    • technological innovations integrating TV and the Internet (mobile application 4FUN APP),
    • multimedia Internet platform,
    • special actions, dedicated for B2B clients.
  2. Screen Network S.A. which operates in the area of:
    • conducting advertising campaigns on digital media placed in the public space.
  3. Program Sp. z o.o., which conducts business in the following areas:
    • distribution and sales support for broadcasters of TV channels,
    • marketing activities and consulting services.
  4. Bridge2FUN Sp. z o.o. (indirectly, as subsidiary of Program Sp. z o.o.) dedicated to conduct the business of advertising agency. This is the first hybrid advertising agency in the Polish market, which specializes in bringing together the world of business with the world of entertainment, music market and social media.