Business profile
The 4fun Media capital group offers creative and innovative media and technological platforms to connect content, brands and consumers. The 4fun Media group is the leading provider of Digital Out-Of-Home Media (DOOH), owns 3 free-to-air TV channels available in over 7M Polish homes, operates 5 E-Commerce platforms and provides award-winning Marketing services to both national and international clients.
In accordance with the strategy of diversifying revenue sources, the 4FunMedia Group emphasizes the coherent development of individual brands, thanks to which it creates a group that is attractive to the business. Individual brands form a common media and advertising platform, providing customers with comprehensive, innovative solutions, awarded many times during nationwide industry competitions.
Digital-Out-Of-Home Unit
Digital-Out-Of-Home is currently the second fastest-growing advertising medium in the world (after the Internet). In 2018, the total advertising spending on this medium amounted to USD 13.4 billion. The popularity of Digital OOH is associated with the extremely fast development of technology in the area of digital signage. Synergies between television and online, full control over planned campaigns in real time and flexible, individual adaptation of messages to changing external conditions (including, via mobile), makes this medium extremely attractive to advertisers.
Screen Network SA
Screen Network S A. company, which owns the following companies: PRN Polska Sp z o.o., is responsible for the development of the 4 Fun Media Capital Group in the Digital-Out-Of-Home segment. - holding assets in the form of carriers and DOOH Net. Screen Network SA is the leader of the Digital-Out-Of-Home market in Poland. It manages the country's largest network (23,606,000 screens) in 3,635 locations, which gives a 40% market share. It implements real-time advertising campaigns (online) in 553 cities throughout Poland, within one integrated IT system. As the only entity on the Polish market, it offers clients the purchase of DOOH in the programmatic system through the Adform platform. Additionally, together with Polsat Media, it offers media houses under the name Polsat Media AdScreen. Screen Network SA currently has the largest, standardized network of LED City screens in Central Europe. It has 40 flush LED screens with an area of ​​50 sq m in 12 cities in Poland, in main communication routes. Digital out- and indoor media are the most modern communication channels combining online and offline properties. In 2017, Screen Network received the prestigious Mixx Awards for the campaign for McDonald's, awarded in the Offline Digitization category. The uniqueness of the campaign was based on the use of live data. The campaign was displayed on a LED screen grid, located a short distance from the restaurant. Screens permanently connected to the Internet downloaded in real time (from the Targeo database) information about "traffic jams" and informed drivers how many minutes they still had to crave for a meal. In 2018, the company won the award of the Mixx Awards in the Offline Digitization category for the campaign for Showmax Poland and was awarded for the campaign for Philips Poland.
E-Commerce Unit
Unit E-Commerce currently consists of 5 online platforms: - a shop which produces clothes and gadgets with personalized prints, cooperating with Polish influencers. a shop based on cooperation with influencers and designers from Great Britain, giving the opportunity to produce remarkable clothes according to their designs. - a shop with gadgets for events. - a shop offering sweatshirts, t-shirts with full print prints on the highest quality cotton. - a platform known both from the e-commerce store which offers items from Polish designers, and organization of popular fairs. In addition to the unit belongs the company Print Logistic which is a combination of a digital fabric printer with a cutting room and sewing room. is an innovative and unique e-commerce platform that allows you to run your own, personalized online store with products designed according to your own ideas. With a Cupsell store you can sell your own t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and even chimneys - a total of over 50 different products. Cupsell provides its sellers with comprehensive implementation of the production process, orders and customer service. The platform's activities are largely based on cooperation with Polish influencers who promote their activities while earning the sale of products bearing their own brand.
Mars from
Mars from is a Polish brand offering unique sweatshirts and t-shirts with full prints on high quality cotton. The original design, unusual approach to fashion and high quality of products have brought its appreciation among lovers of independent artists and free street style. is an online store offering a wide selection of original costumes, stylish decorations and practical accessories for all kinds of events and celebrations - from birthdays, weddings, carnivals, bachelor parties and Halloween. It’s designed for creative people who like to play in an unusual way and appreciate the attention to detail. allows free running of personalized online store with products designed according to your own idea. Pingbig provides its sellers with a comprehensive implementation of the production process, order fulfilment and customer service. The platform's activity is based on cooperation with popular influencers from Great Britain.
Print Logistic
Print Logistic is a company that is a combination of a digital fabric printshop with a cut and sewing room. Print Logistic offers: digital printing on a wide range of fabrics and knitted fabrics and recommended by the customer, digital printing on clothing and other textile and other media, pattern and sewing according to the customer's design, comprehensive e-commerce service for printed clothing and ready-made accessories. Print Logistic operates using the most modern and only technologies on the Polish market, confirmed by ecological and quality certificates.
TV & Digital Content Unit
This unit combines the television and music media community 4FUN.TV, 4FUN DANCE, 4FUN GOLD with users of online services, such as Thanks to the synergy of competences, it allows for faster growth in the area of ​​electronic media, both in terms of communication in social media, as well as in the areas of content production and the sale of innovative native and content advertising.
4FUN.TV - The most of music!
The channel has been on the market since 2004. It is aimed at viewers who are interested in the hottest music trends and fun. Viewers will find here the best listings of numbers one of the world charts. 4FUN.TV has been repeatedly awarded for product innovation and for the social model of engaging viewers. In 2016, it won the prestigious Eutelsat TV Awards as the best music channel in Europe.
4FUN DANCE - The most music for the party!
Channel specializing in disco polo and dance music. Viewers will find here energetic hits that must be played at any party! The most famous DJs, the biggest hits and crazy music videos. This combination of dance hits stimulates the action and positively affects the whole day.
4FUN GOLD - All-time hits!
Completing 4FUN MEDIA channel portfolio, which provides spectators with a sentimental journey in time! The biggest hits, the best memories! A musical time machine which takes you back to the '80s and' 90s. website, deals with the broadly understood subject of films and series, video games, music, books and new technologies. is the only portal in Poland which allows you to purchase tickets in all key cinema chains in Poland. In addition, the site comparison engine has been built in to the VOD website comparison engine. Thanks to this, users can quickly and easily view and compare the offers of the largest video content providers in Poland. It is currently the largest Polish social networking site in this category.
Marketing Services
The FCBBridge2Fun agency and the Program company are responsible for the activities of the 4fun Media SA Capital Group in the B2B services segment, which consists of marketing communication and consulting.
The FCBBridge2Fun agency and the Program company are responsible for the activities of the 4fun Media SA Capital Group in the B2B services segment, which consists of marketing communication and consulting.
An important area of ​​the TV business of the 4fun Media SA Capital Group is the provision of distribution and consulting services dedicated to broadcasters of thematic channels (mainly foreign) present on the Polish television market, for which the Program company is responsible.
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