Digital-Out-Of-Home Unit
Digital-Out-Of-Home is currently the second fastest-growing advertising medium in the world (after the Internet). In 2018, the total advertising spending on this medium amounted to USD 13.4 billion. The popularity of Digital OOH is associated with the extremely fast development of technology in the area of digital signage. Synergies between television and online, full control over planned campaigns in real time and flexible, individual adaptation of messages to changing external conditions (including, via mobile), makes this medium extremely attractive to advertisers.
Screen Network S A. company, which owns the following companies: PRN Polska Sp z o.o., is responsible for the development of the 4 Fun Media Capital Group in the Digital-Out-Of-Home segment. - holding assets in the form of carriers and DOOH Net. Screen Network SA is the leader of the Digital-Out-Of-Home market in Poland. It manages the country's largest network (23,606,000 screens) in 3,635 locations, which gives a 40% market share. It implements real-time advertising campaigns (online) in 553 cities throughout Poland, within one integrated IT system. As the only entity on the Polish market, it offers clients the purchase of DOOH in the programmatic system through the Adform platform. Additionally, together with Polsat Media, it offers media houses under the name Polsat Media AdScreen. Screen Network SA currently has the largest, standardized network of LED City screens in Central Europe. It has 40 flush LED screens with an area of ​​50 sq m in 12 cities in Poland, in main communication routes. Digital out- and indoor media are the most modern communication channels combining online and offline properties. In 2017, Screen Network received the prestigious Mixx Awards for the campaign for McDonald's, awarded in the Offline Digitization category. The uniqueness of the campaign was based on the use of live data. The campaign was displayed on a LED screen grid, located a short distance from the restaurant. Screens permanently connected to the Internet downloaded in real time (from the Targeo database) information about "traffic jams" and informed drivers how many minutes they still had to crave for a meal. In 2018, the company won the award of the Mixx Awards in the Offline Digitization category for the campaign for Showmax Poland and was awarded for the campaign for Philips Poland.
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