E-Commerce Unit
Unit E-Commerce currently consists of 5 online platforms: CupSell.pl - a shop which produces clothes and gadgets with personalized prints, cooperating with Polish influencers. Pingbig.com- a shop based on cooperation with influencers and designers from Great Britain, giving the opportunity to produce remarkable clothes according to their designs. naIMPREZE.pl - a shop with gadgets for events. MarsFromWenus.com - a shop offering sweatshirts, t-shirts with full print prints on the highest quality cotton.
Mustache.pl - a platform known both from the e-commerce store which offers items from Polish designers, and organization of popular fairs. In addition to the unit belongs the company Print Logistic which is a combination of a digital fabric printer with a cutting room and sewing room.
Cupsell.pl is an innovative and unique e-commerce platform that allows you to run your own, personalized online store with products designed according to your own ideas. With a Cupsell store you can sell your own t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and even chimneys - a total of over 50 different products. Cupsell provides its sellers with comprehensive implementation of the production process, orders and customer service. The platform's activities are largely based on cooperation with Polish influencers who promote their activities while earning the sale of products bearing their own brand.
Mars from Venus.com is a Polish brand offering unique sweatshirts and t-shirts with full prints on high quality cotton. The original design, unusual approach to fashion and high quality of products have brought its appreciation among lovers of independent artists and free street style.
NaImpreze.pl is an online store offering a wide selection of original costumes, stylish decorations and practical accessories for all kinds of events and celebrations - from birthdays, weddings, carnivals, bachelor parties and Halloween. It’s designed for creative people who like to play in an unusual way and appreciate the attention to detail.
Pingbig.com allows free running of personalized online store with products designed according to your own idea. Pingbig provides its sellers with a comprehensive implementation of the production process, order fulfilment and customer service. The platform's activity is based on cooperation with popular influencers from Great Britain.
Print Logistic is a company that is a combination of a digital fabric printshop with a cut and sewing room. Print Logistic offers: digital printing on a wide range of fabrics and knitted fabrics and recommended by the customer, digital printing on clothing and other textile and other media, pattern and sewing according to the customer's design, comprehensive e-commerce service for printed clothing and ready-made accessories. Print Logistic operates using the most modern and only technologies on the Polish market, confirmed by ecological and quality certificates.
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