Company authorities
Aneta Parafiniuk
Member of the Board, Financial Director
Aneta has many years of experience in conducting research, reviewing financial reports and due diligence projects for large enterprises, transaction advisory, preparation of project budgets. She is a certified auditor, specialist in accounting, reporting and taxes. She gained professional experience in such companies as, Ernst & Young Audit Sp. z o.o. and TPA Horwath Horodko Audit Sp. z o.o. Until the appointment of 4fun Media S.A. to the Management Board, she was the Reporting and Controlling Director at the Company. Higher education. She graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics with a specialization in Finance and Banking.
Tomasz Misiak
Member of the Board, Development and IT Director
Tomasz has many years of experience in managing teams of programmers and in supervision over the IT policy of companies. Previously he was the Chief Technology Officer at Dirlango. He worked in the 4fun Media Group - in the years 2004-2012 when he was the director of interactive communication and technology. In addition, he was the director of SMS services in Onet. In 4 Fun Media, he is responsible for managing and developing IT projects in the field of mobile applications, innovative technological solutions in the field of databases, broadcasting software, responsive websites, and WIFi solutions in urban spaces. From 2018 he is responsible for the technical side of activities in the e-commerce areas of the 4fun Media group. Tomasz is also a Member of the Board from June 2017.
Supervisory Board Members
Wojciech Bieńkowski
Member of the Supervisory Board
Grzegorz Grygiel
Independent Member of the Supervisory Board
Wojciech Kliniewski
Member of the Supervisory Board
In the years 2004 - 2016 Wojciech was associated with the telecommunications operator T-Mobile, initially as the director of the communication department, then managing director of the Heyah brand, conducting sales and marketing of the private market. From 2013 he worked as the sales director, he was responsible for both traditional channels (chain of stores, business partners), as well as call center and the Internet. Previously, he worked for 10 years at Unilever Polska S.A. In 2016, he founded Zeroone Sp. z o.o., a company dealing with business consulting in the area of mobile and digital solutions as well as start-ups and business-exit strategies, acting in the company as the CEO.
Cezary Kubacki
Member of the Supervisory Board
In the years 1998 - 2001 Cezary gained professional experience in the international consulting company Artur Andersen, where he was involved in many projects for the financial sector, telecom and retail. In the years 2002 - 2004 he held the position of Tax Director of Tax in the NETIA Group. Cezary Kubacki also sat on the Supervisory Boards of several public companies, including Optimus S.A., Arteria S.A., 4fun Media S.A. and financial institutions such as Supernova Fund S.A. Cezary Kubacki is a partner in the legal office LTA Doradztwo Prawne Dopierała, Oliwa and Partners. He is also an independent Member of the Supervisory Board. Higher education: a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Wrocław.
Rafał Kunysz
Member of the Supervisory Board
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